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“Miniature and Miniflora Rose Hall of Fame”
Dr. Jim Hering, Co-Chairman
ARS Miniature/Miniflora Rose Committee
The ARS Miniature and Miniflora Rose Hall of Fame honors miniature and miniflora roses that have stood the test of time in commerce for at least 20 years.  Now, it is your opportunity to participate in this process by sending in your nomination(s), (five or less).  A short list of the most popular miniature and miniflora roses that are 20 years or older can be found at the end of this article. Criteria for the Hall of Fame can be summarized as follows:
            1. The variety must have been introduced at least 20 years prior to the year the award is given.  Introduction date will verified by the latest edition of Modern Roses.
            2. There can be multiple winners in any year.
            3. Varieties for consideration are solicited from the general membership through an announcement in the American Rose magazine, on the ARS web-site, in the Miniature Rose Bulletin and in district and local bulletins.  Nominations are to be sent by March 1, 2017 to:        
Dr. Jim Hering
                        1050 Kingwood Drive
                        Marion, OH 43302
            4. The Co-Chairman of the Miniature/Miniflora Rose Committee will prepare the tabulations for selection by the full committee by ballot. 
            5. Formal announcement of the winner(s) will take place at the ARS National Miniature Rose Conference.     

The 2017 ARS National Miniature Rose Show and Conference will be held in Arcadia, CA April 20-23, 2017.  Contact Chris Greenwood, CrisGreen1@aol.comfor information.  

                                                            PREVIOUS WINNERS
ELECTED IN 1999                             ELECTED IN 2006                             ELECTED IN 2013
Starina, 1964, Meilland                       Giggles, 1987, King                            My Sunshine, 1986, Bennett
Beauty Secret, 1972, Moore              Black Jade, 1985, Benardella Peggy “T”, 1988, King
Magic Carrousel, 1972, Moore         ELECTED IN 2007                             Winsome, 1984, Saville
Rise’n’Shine, 1977, Moore                Pierrine, 1988, M. Williams                 ELECTED IN 2014
Party Girl, 1979, Saville                      ELECTED IN 2008                             Soroptimist International, 1995,
ELECTED IN 2000                             Irresistible, 1989, Bennett                             Benardella
Cinderella, 1953, de Vink                   Fairhope, 1989, Pete & Kay Taylor    Incognito, 1995, Bridges
Mary Marshall, 1970, Moore            ELECTED IN 2009                             ELECTED IN 2015
ELECTED IN 2001                             Gourmet Popcorn, 1986, Desamero  Glowing Amber, 1996, Mander
Green Ice, 1971, Moore                     Luis Desamero, 1988, Bennett           ELECTED IN 2016
Jeanne Lajoie, 1976, Sima                 Tiffany Lynn, 1985, N. Jolly               Miss Flippins, 1997, Tucker
ELECTED IN 2002                             ELECTED IN 2010
Cupcake, 1981, Spies                         Chelsea Belle, 1991, P. & K. Taylor
ELECTED IN 2003                             Grace Seward, 1991, Bennett
Snow Bride, 1982, Jolly                      Fancy Pants, 1986, King
Little Jackie, 1982, Saville                 ELECTED IN 2011
ELECTED IN 2004                             Kristin, 1992, Benardella
Minnie Pearl, 1982, Saville                 Olympic Gold, 1983, N. Jolly                         
Red Cascade, 1976, Moore               ELECTED IN 2012
ELECTED IN 2005                             Hot Tamale, 1993, Zary
Jean Kenneally, 1986, Bennett           X-Rated, 1993, Bennett
Rainbow’s End, 1986, Saville
Acey Deucy                Apricot TwistBaby Grand                Baby Katie                 Baby Secret
Bambino                    Behold                       Cachet                                    Caesar’s Rose           Cal Poly
Crazy Dottie              Cuddles                      Dazzler                        Dee Bennett              Elfinglo
Figurine                     Gail                             Halo Fire                  Halo Today                 Holy Toledo Innocence                            Jennifer                      June Laver                 Kayla                         Lavender Delight Lavender Spoon             Linville                        Little Mermaid           Memphis Queen       Millie Walters Mobile Jubilee            Mothers Love                       Old Glory                   Over the Rainbow    
Overnight Scentsation                                  Pacesetter                 Peaches’n’Cream      Playgold
Poker Chip                Popcorn                       Pucker Up                  Red Minimo               Roller Coaster
Rose Gilardi               Ruby Pendant            Scentsational             Si                                 Simplex Stars’n’Stripes              Suzy                           Sweet Chariot            Sweet Revenge          Teddy Bear Tennessee                     Toy Clown             Twister                        Vista                         
Absolutely                  Ace of Diamonds        Amy Grant                 Barbie                         Bees Knees
Climbing Rainbows End                                 Dorothy Rose             Dreamrider                Frivolous
Gizmo                          Halo Karol                  Heartsounds              Honey Butter             Jingle Bells    
Judy Robertson          Lasting Impression    Lemon Pearl              Lionheart                    Little Brother
Little Flame                Little Tommy Tucker                         Moonlight and Roses           
Odessa                       Prophecy                     Raspberry Punch       Raspberry Sunblaze  Sis      
Summer Harvest        Tiffany Lite                Tropical Twist           Watchfire                    White Sunshine Wild Plum